Bink's Trapper Joe's

Bink's Trapper Joe's

Your Neighborhood Bar

Voted the best bar in Burton, Bink's Trapper Joe's has been a staple in the neighborhood community since 1946. The original owner of the bar, Joe Russo, bought the bar in 1946 after leaving the Navy. Russo was present in Pearl Harbor at the time of the attack during Word War II. He was stationed on the ship right next to the Arizona which was sunk during the attack.

After surviving and leaving the Navy, Russo opened the bar, originally called Russo's in 1946. As time went on, his nickname, Trapper, took hold and that became his name to all the patrons. At that point, he decided to change the name of the bar to Trapper Joe's. After over 40 years of ownership, Trapper sold the bar to its second owner who had ownership until last year when Bink purchased the bar.

Bink made it a priority to keep the heritage and history of the bar created by Trapper. He decided to keep the name and add his own nickname, making it Bink's Trapper Joe's. As tribute, Bink had the logo created to honor Trapper's time in the navy. Now, Bink's Trapper Joe's has the oldest liquor license in the county and the 2nd oldest liquor license in the state of Michigan.